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Insurance broker for NGOs and International Organisations

Are the employees of your NGO or foundation deployed all over the world?

Then you need to provide them with insurance solutions tailored to their professional and geographical location. As an insurance broker, our role is to establish your needs and to compare offers from several insurers.


Optimise your insurance abroad

Members of organisations and foundations frequently work in hazardous areas, both in terms of health and safety and where there are few or not very effective support services. Insurance companies which rely on these structures must therefore have real expertise in this field of activity:

  • A knowledge of the countries concerned and their political and cultural contexts
  • A knowledge of the activities of your NGO or foundation, and the risks they generate
  • Provision of a network of medical service providers in each country

By identifying the company and the insurance contract perfectly matching the needs of your NGO or foundation, we will provide your employees and members with comprehensive protection, ranging from medical checks and preliminary vaccinations to emergency medical repatriations.


What insurance solutions do we have for your NGO or International Organisations ?

International life and medical cover (accident, illness, disability, death etc.), worldwide support services, administrative management of your files: our mission as an insurance broker for NGOs and foundations is to offer insurance policies covering all situations affecting the life and activity of your teams, in France and abroad.

When sourcing your insurance contract, and after an audit of your specific needs, we will analyse three fields in particular, essential to the insurance of an NGO or foundation.

  • Medical assistance
    Evacuation, repatriation, local care, management of administrative documents, organising transport for family members, repatriation of the corpse in the event of death, shipping of medicinal products, etc.
  • Travel assistance
    Round-the-clock emergency assistance, emergency evacuation, remote and on-site support, risk assessment, transportation monitoring, transmission of security alerts in real time, etc.
  • Travel assistance
    Professional advice by phone, web conferencing or messaging, nutritional advice, assistance in the event of an incident, etc.



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